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Within today’s fast paced, complex, and highly competitive landscape it is important to consider the strategic and tactical ways a novel invention may be applied in order to maximize its potential; increase its overall impact, user benefits, and returns on investment.

Why? Many inventions fail to become innovations because they are often highly specialized technical achievements (funded) to address very specific needs – once proven they either improve upon an existing process and/or procedure, or introduce an entirely new one.  Their potential is not always recognized- let alone understood. In addition to this “hyper-specialization” we recognize that many inventors are “married” to their work and have difficulty stepping back to see a broader range of potential applications, design and commercialization opportunities beyond the original scope of investigation, subject and/or industry context, or are unable to clearly articulate their ideas and aspirations to more general and adjacent audiences.  We can help.

Some of our most interesting work focuses on what we call “intellectual property expansion” (IPE), that is seeking meaningful and valid answers to the question what else could this be? This involves working closely with inventors, academia, subject matter experts, commercialization offices and/or IP firms to expand and enhance the scope of a patentable claim; exploring and articulating a range of potential uses and applications of a novel technology, method, product or process etc. prior to filing in order to help maximize its value.

To do this we apply design research and foresight methods in order to help stakeholders look beyond the original/intended scope of their invention and gain a better understanding of its latent potential, future contexts it may someday occupy; the ways it may be adopted and or adapted by end-users, its impact on- and roles within existing and/or emerging markets, and the variety of end user experiences it may some day enable. Our approach seeks to map out opportunity spaces and  identify the most plausible contexts for future application by aligning an invention’s core capabilities, functional qualities and characteristics (potential) with existing, emerging and anticipated user needs.

If you would like to learn more about this process and our cross-industry IPE experience please contact us at info@werepideas.com


Written by mlincez

April 7, 2011 at 7:09 pm

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