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On Asymmetric Motivation (Space)

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Motivations can be conflicting and asymmetric. They are often unobvious, personal and internalized; they can however be observed in their externalized (manifest) states as behaviors/actions- or lack thereof.

Motivations are rooted in desire. They drive our willingness, or unwillingness to seek transformation through action. The asymmetrically literate is, to some degree, reliant upon symmetrical and rather predictable systems of motivations to provide the right conditions for pre-competitive asymmetric thought. How then do we develop the ability to “read” and “write” asymmetric motivations- by understanding the conditions that surround them? Furthermore, understanding their characteristics and definitive limitations as being either self-imposed (chosen-controlled) or as external pressures applied by circumstance (Not chosen – not controlled) is an important aspect to asymmetric empowerment. As a pre-competitive capacity, the asymmetrically literate would learn to identify- move towards –map- and exploit safe and perhaps yet unknown- undesirable- uninhabited places – that promise to shield them (Christiansen HBS) from competitive pressures applied from the outside in. Christiansen explores this metaphor further by suggesting that it is within these shielded places that asymmetric skills or “swords” can be discovered and developed.

Is it possible that asymmetric literate could, over time, develop a better sense for both internal and external motivational pressures and their influences on imagination potential and transformative capacities? How does the asymmetrically literate individual or organization understand motivations as creating safe and desirable places within systems contexts? It may be the time spent getting and staying there- location relative to and motivations touching on a higher goal or desire -being the deciding factors.


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November 29, 2009 at 12:26 am

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