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The ability of humans to plan and shape the world for their future needs is what separates man from animals. The oppressed majority must be taught to imagine a better way so that they can shape their future and thereby become more human.

“The symmetric” (my addition and emphasis) – person is not a conscious being (corpo consciente); he or she is rather the possessor of a consciousness: an empty “mind” passively open to the reception of deposits of reality from the world outside.
Paulo Freire
Pedagogy of the Oppressed


Any and all means necessary can be seen as a base ideology – a state of mind- and guiding principle rooted in the expansion of choice. As applied to asymmetric literacy it defines flexible states of accessibility- maneuverability- uncertainty and relativity. It is purely asymmetric and pre-competitive in nature- as it suggests a willingness to imagine, accept and act upon a scope of options that go beyond the consequential/circumstantial limitations of the other. It remains formless, complex and confusing. It allows one to read and write value differently.

We interpret Sartre and Malcolm X’s original proclamation as being meant to free the senses and intuition from the shackles of codified limitations. In this context, as applied to literacy it is meant to help one read the invisible inventories that remain hidden to the symmetrical eyes-ears and minds of the conventionalist; it is meant to open up the world and make everything a potentially exploitable resource. This is not necessarily a question of morality or ethics but more a question of awareness and imagination potential. It is a means of combating perceived, apparent or imposed barriers, and scarcities of means and resource.

This might require a more critically unique approach to observing system characteristics and identifying the safe or “shielding” qualities (Christensen) where one might develop new/alternative skills and capacities in the pursuit of actualization and achievement.


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November 28, 2009 at 10:50 pm

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