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Le Confiture

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LE CONFITURE is a scenario-based exploration of expression, identity, learning and collaboration within a futuristic and intentionally dystopicubiquitous computing landscape otherwise known as Dataspace. The scenario introduces and projects existing political, socio-cultural, technological, and economic signals into a panoptic world inhabited by yet another generation of Graffiti artists and their culture jamming  hacktivist agents. The narrative explores their motives, logics, values and experiences as they struggle to make their mark within a feudal and over saturated attention economy controlled by pervasive and chilling DRM infrastructures, advanced materials prohibition, and networked surveillance. Furthermore, the scenario explores the context of multiple networked identities, master-mentor and actor-author-audience dynamics, and how new forms of digital media literacy might emerge within a transmediated (Plural) landscape where even the subtlest forms of temporary presence and participation can guarantee new and unimagined forms of permanence, fame and legacy.


Graffiti 2.OH!, Remix Culture, Prohibition, Digital Rights, Collaboration, Ubiquitous Computing, Dataspace, Transmediation New-Media, Expression, Virtual Identity, Surveillance, Telepresence, Trespass, Plurality, Asymmetric, Literacy, Attention Economy, Feudalism, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Mapping, RFID, 



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