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On Profjects and Gestural Avatars

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Recreating Movement

Scenario: Saw-sees

My name is John Hammond and I can do almost anything you can imagine with wood. Ive spent the last thirty years building cabinets in my spare time, and mine are as good as any. Ivory inlays for days.

I’m considered a master.

I’m Xavier Borden, I’m an industrial poet and musician. I make kinetic sculptures that have a dual purpose as instruments. I transform, reform and perform, interact or die.

I’m considered an eccentric.

My friends call me Sady, I take consumer electronics, tools and vintage computers and build violent robots that’ll eat your kitsch installations.

I’m considered an artist

Call me John, Xavier or Sady, I’m a playlist of mastery, but my real name is DeWalt im a model 568X skill saw. Nice to meet you. My tricks, my trades are recallable at any time. Just ask my traces, they’ll shed light on an imagination that lived. The residual imprints of hands, paths, and purposes is my personality.

I’m considered innovation


I began to toy with the idea that objects can house avatars. There are many ways in which people can express themselves and their identity beyond pixel and volume. As objects become more literate of our behaviors they may one day house our gestural traces.

How would one “play an environment” like a conductor of a remote symphony in real-time? – Embodying an instrument, a section, or whole orchestra at any given moment, an expressive variance similar to that of emphasis in speech. My son should be able to bring a play-list of these “contacts” – live or residual- with him everywhere, for use in a wide variety of contexts. Making any wood shop his fathers’ wood shop. The right contextual links and personal inquiry could prompt, or summon residual knowledge, or “live” presence of an individual or mix of individuals which that a given situation requires – providing – in context, information rich, experiential-mash-up-swarms, with read write capability.

I wonder how something like this could change educational models, could El P be in my sequencer? When I buy a paintbrush, could you throw in Rembrandt too? It brings a whole other meaning to buying a pair of “Jordan’s.”

Objects will perform unimagined means and modalities of representation, vessels of personal and group communication. It is foreseeable that things with communications will enable the expression of our various forms of presence. It is likely that social networks will evolve within single and multiple objects. Merely using something is synonymous to pressing record.

These recordings will be entries contributing to the history of an object, a history that can be searched, recalled, annotated and resituated. Object that teach are nothing new. New is how object may provide a platform to direct the hands in a spectrum of meaningful ways, based on other hands. Like a scene from Ghost. Gesture is technique, and technique can be recorded, codified and expressed. Objects may come to teach, translating motions, motivations and intents into tutorials and curricula. There are stories to tell of the roles they’ve played in the lives of people. If only these walls could talk.


Written by rthomas

March 1, 2008 at 10:01 am

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